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How soon should I book my trip?

As soon as you know the dates (Book early as possible to get lowest airfare; Christmas, Easter and summers are the busiest times to travel)

Do the airlines allow name changes on tickets?

No, Once the ticket is purchased the name can’t be changed

Can I travel with a one way ticket to another country?

If you are not a citizen of that country, you must purchase a round trip ticket.

Is a departure tax needed for international flights?

Most countries charge a departure tax, which is paid in cash at the airport on the day you return home.

What documents do I need to travel?

A government issued ID, and passport or visa for international flights or cruises.

Do I have to pay in full when I make travel arraignments?

It depends on which trip you are booking. Payments are made at the time of booking; however, if you are booking a personalized trip payment arrangements can be made.

What information is needed to book my trip?

Passenger name(s), government issued ID, travel dates, and contact info.

How can I pay for my trip?

We accept all major credit cards. If booking with Creative Tour Concepts for personalized trips please contact us at 301-56-Trips (87477).

How many pieces of luggage am I permitted before I am charged extra?

The standard is two pieces weighing no more than 70lbs and one carry on weighing no more than 35lbs. Extra luggage is permitted for an additional fee.

Can the ticket date or destination be changed after purchasing?

It depends on the type of ticket.

Can I purchase Insurance for my trip?

Yes. We offer Travel Guard which covers many reason how your trip can be interrupted and refund your money. It is highly recommended for international travelers.

Can a minor travel unaccompanied?

  • Minors between 7-12 years old can only travel with an escort service offered by the airline of your choice for an additional charge. For connecting flights, minor must travel on earliest flights.

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